1916 Commemoration Cermony

On Monday last we celebrated a very special occasion at St. Aidans, members from the National Defence Force came to present us with our Tricolour Flag for the 100 Year Commemoration of the 1916 Rising. The children have been learning all about the history of the 1916 Rising.

IMAG2684 IMAG2687 IMAG2688 IMAG2689 IMAG2690 IMAG2691 IMAG2692 (1) IMAG2693 IMAG2695 IMAG2696 IMAG2698 IMAG2700 IMAG2701 IMAG2706 IMAG2708 IMAG2712 IMAG2713 IMAG2715 IMAG2716 IMAG2717 IMAG2718 IMAG2720 IMAG2723 IMAG2724 IMAG2725 IMAG2726


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