GECAS Junior Achievement STEM Workshop

5th class had a wonderful day at the GECAS Junior Achievement STEM Engineering Workshop today. We got a bus up to GECAS & were given a very informative talk from an accountant employed in GECAS. We learnt so much from him – Out of 22,000 planes in the world, GECAS own over 2000 of these & around 5000 are owned by Irish companies. That means that 20%-25% of all the planes in the world are Irish owned!
We then were brought to their canteen & given a very tasty breakfast & treat which we really enjoyed.
Finally volunteers from GECAS joined us to help us to be engineers for the day! Using just 50 sheets of paper & cellotape we had to build a bridge that could support a 2litre bottle of water! We had great fun & learnt so much!
Thank you so much to Teresa from Junior Achievement for organising everything & to all the volunteers that helped out on the day at GECAS. And a huge thank you to GECAS for hosting us on the day!
Here are some pictures from our Workshop.
IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1798 IMG_1799 IMG_1803 IMG_1806 IMG_1808 IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1817 IMG_1825 IMG_1830 IMG_1832 IMG_1835

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