Christmas Concert Dates

We are very busy at the moment in St. Aidan’s preparing for our Christmas Concerts. The children are really enjoying rehearsing for their plays and songs and are looking forward to being on stage next week.

The following are the times and dates for the class plays:

Monday 19th

11:30                Sixth Class ‘The Christmas Fairytale’

12:15                Second Class ‘The Night Before Christmas Songs and Poems’

1:30                 Fourth Class ‘Prickly Hay’


Tuesday 20th

11: 30                   Junior Infants Christmas Rhymes and Songs

12:15                    Senior Infants Christmas Rhymes and Songs

1:30                     Third Class ‘Baboushka’


Wednesday 21st

11:15                    First Class Ms. Collins ‘Santa’s Hat’

12:00                  First Class Ms. Rogers ‘The Nativity’

1:15                     Fifth Class  ‘The Lion King’



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