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Last week we started our ‘Run Around Europe’ challenge. Each class will work together running laps of our astro-turf track. Every 8 laps equals 1 km. We’re going to try and make it as far across Europe as we can before the summer holidays!

We have started yard games with the whole school on Thursdays. Our focus for January and February is ‘4 square’. As the weather has not allowed us to play every Thursday we have also set up grids in the Halla for classes to practise.

We are making our ‘Run Around Europe’ challenge a little more exciting! Each class will have a target destination to reach before the Summer Holidays at the end of June.

Run Around Europe challenge for Each Class

Where are we off to?

Junior Infants       United Kingdom – London 597Km (4776 laps)

Senior Infants       Belgium – Brussels 976Km (7808 Laps)

1st Class              France – Paris 1073Km (8584 Laps)

2nd Class              Netherlands – Amsterdam 1146Km (9168 Laps)

3rd Class              Luxembourg – Luxemburg 1168Km (9344 Laps)

4th Class              Switzerland – Berne 1630Km (13040 Laps)

5th Class              Germany – Berlin 1705Km (13640 Laps)

6th Class              Liechtenstein – Vaduz 1726Km (13808 Lap

Good Luck To All!!

Junior Infants making their way around Europe!
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