First Class Ms. Collins.

Junior Achievement and Our Visit to AXA

As part of the Junior Achievement Programme  we took part in before Christmas with Stephen O Neill. We went on a trip to AXA today for our last class. We got to sit in a board room and we came up with great ideas to start our own businesses.

During the Junior Achievement Programme we learned all about Goods and Services, Needs and Wants, Money, the importance of helping our family by doing jobs. We also leaned about the Neighbourhood and the types of businesses that are around us.

Stephen taught what an Entrepreneur is and hopefully one day we will all be entrepreneurs too! At the end of the programme they were presented with Junior Achievement Certificates for all their hard work!

Here are some photos of our trip to AXA:

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We are working very hard this term  in First Class and we are enjoying the extra hour at school. We love learning new and interesting things.

In English we have completed our first reader ‘Finn’s Dream’ and have started our second reader ‘ The Four Friends’. We are learning all about using capital letters and full stops. We enjoy writing ‘Our News’. We love listening to stories and we made our own picture story books.

In maths we are learning all about length and the metre, we are enjoying measuring objects in the classroom and in the school.

In Science we are learning all about the changes that occur during winter and about the animals that hibernate especially the hedgehog.


Catherine’s Toys

As part of our History lesson, Catherine our Caretaker brought in some of her old toys for us to have a look at. They were very interesting and different from the toys we have today. We loved all Catherine’s toys.


IMG_4212 IMG_4211










In PE we have been learning ball handling and kicking skills and we just started learning some basketball skills.