St. Aidan’s is an official Rainbows site.

Rainbows is a listening service for children and young people struggling to come to terms with significant loss and change in their lives e.g. bereavement in a family or family break up through separation.

It helps a child engage with their own individual grief journey – to identify, name, understand, express and share their feelings. It provides a safe setting to share their feelings with trained listeners. It helps to rebuild a child’s self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience.

Please note: Rainbows is run by volunteers and is not a professional counselling or therapy service. It does not give opinions or pass comment, take sides, criticise or make judgements. Rainbows facilitators do not take notes, give feedback or evidence except as laid down by Child Protection Services.

Groups are formed with those of similar age and loss. Rainbows in run twice yearly, pre-Christmas and pre-Easter. Any parents that think Rainbows would benefit their child can request an application form from Ms. Hayes (Principal) or Ms. N.Moloney (Rainbows Co-ordinator).

Remember after the rain comes the rainbow!



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