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Green Schools Water Information 2010

Here are some interesting facts & figures about water:

99% of the world’s water cannot be used because it is either saline (i.e. salt water) or is locked up in glaciers and ice sheets.

Most of the remaining water is present in rocks as groundwater (approx. 0.6%), while just over 0.3% is present in rivers and lakes.

Rapid expansion in urban populations has resulted in increased pressure on Local Authority waste water treatment facilities and, in many instances, the inability to cope with the increasing volumes of waste generated.

A tap dripping once a second wastes about 10,000 litres of water a year.

A hosepipe or sprinkler can use 1,000 litres (or 1 tonne) of water per hour. This is as much as a family of four would normally use in two days!

Our own bodies are two thirds water and our brains are at least 85% water!

A person can survive a month without food, but can only survive 5 or 6 days without water.

A power shower uses almost 125 litres of water in 5 minutes. That’s a massive 250 litres in 10 minutes!

Shortage of water could lead to major political conflicts around the world. Over 20 countries depend on the flow of water from other countries for their water supply e.g. Ethiopia.

The World Bank estimates that by 2025 1.4billion people in 48 countries may experience water stress or scarcity.

Water Saving Tips

Don’t let the tap run while brushing your teeth.

Leaky taps waste water – get it fixed.

Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car instead of a hose.

Use a watering can to water plants instead of a hose.

Avoid ornamental water features such as fountains unless they use recyled water.

Install a toilet displacement device to cut down on the amount of water needed for each flush.

Never pour water down the drain when there may be another use for it. Use it to water your indoor plants or garden.

Operate automatic dishwashers and clothes washers only when they are fully loaded

Take showers in preference to a bath (a bath use an average of 80 litres of water whereas the average shower uses only 30 litres)Don’t boil a full kettle when all you need is one or two cups!

Try to do one thing each day that will result in saving water. Every drop counts!


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